Welcome to the Wedding RSVP Date Calculator!

Are you planning your dream wedding and wondering when to send out invites and set the RSVP deadline? Look no further! Our simple calculator helps you determine the perfect timing.

Wedding RSVP Date Calculator

Wedding RSVP Date Calculator


  1. Enter Wedding Date: Choose your wedding date using the calendar picker.

  2. RSVP Reply Period: Select how many weeks you want to give your guests to reply. You can choose between 2 to 5 weeks.

  3. Click “Calculate RSVP Date”: Once you’ve entered your wedding date and selected the RSVP reply period, click the button to see the suggested dates.

Sample Output

  • Send Invites By: [Calculated Date] (6-8 weeks before your wedding date)
  • RSVP Deadline: [Calculated Date] (2-5 weeks after sending invites)

It’s that simple! Take the stress out of wedding planning by knowing exactly when to send out invites and when to expect your guests’ RSVPs. Happy planning!

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