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Baby Boy Or Girl Photo Birth Announcement Invitation Template

This unique printable baby birth photo announcement invitation pdf template design is the perfect way to announce your exciting day, which is perfect with your personal engagement photo. Use our invitation templates to make your home computer to easy customize and print your own invitations!


1. Keep the Quantity at 1
2. Email your high resolution photo (at least 300 DPI) to designartgraphics [!at]
3. I will create your editable baby birth photo announcement pdf template design and send it to your e-mail address


●5" x 7" and baby birth photo announcement invitations on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.

You will receive PDF files formatted to print as an 8.5" x 11" rectangle. No physical printed item will be shipped.

How to Make A Printable Invitation Template

1- Open The PDF File in Adobe Reader +7 version (If you have old version update it. Help>Updates)
How to Make A Printable Wedding Invitation
2- Select sample written text and click (Ctrl + E for Win) ( Cmd + E for Mac) you will see properties bar like microsoft word text setting panel) or View > Toolbars > Properties Bar". You'll then see where you can select a different font size, color and more.
How to Make A Printable Wedding Invitation Template
3- Change color, font style, font size or aligment settings.
4- Change sample written text (remove sample text and add your information).You only need to change the text in the first wedding invitation layout; the text in the second layout will automatically change too.
5- Click white zone and after try Save (Ctrl + S) or Save As (Ctrl+Shift + S)

6- Print it. First print the file on scrap paper to proofread. Once you've reviewed the draft print-out and determined that everything looks good, print the cards on your chosen paper-stock. So, your printable has been printed and it looks great. Now we just need to cut it out.
How to print your printables the best settings
Choose your printer from the drop-down menu at the top. Depending on your printer, there might be extra settings under a “properties” tab. Click it and choose the correct paper size and paper type you’re using.

After that’s done, you’re back to the print window. Under Page Size and Handling, choose “actual size”. If the artwork doesn’t fit on the page you can select the “fit” option. Try not to use the “shrink oversized pages” option because it will shrink the image, make it print smaller than it is and possibly make it look pixelated.

Keep your eye on the preview on the right. You might want to check “choose paper source by PDF page size”. If the contents don’t fit on the page, just uncheck it.
7- Cut out the invitations along the indicated crop marks.

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