How to Create Your Wedding Timeline?

How to Create Your Wedding Timeline?

As a couple planning your wedding, you’ll receive lots of advice from many angles. One thing people, however, seem to skip is talking about a wedding timeline. This is sad because your wedding timeline is crucial.

Time will be of essence on your wedding day, and if you don’t get it right, you may find yourself in chaos. If there’s one thing married couples will tell you, it’s that time sprints on your wedding day. Without following a timeline, you may soon find yourself rushing things along.

A good wedding timeline is a stress reliever. It will help you break down all your wedding activities into manageable blocks. After this is done, all you have to do is stick to the schedule, and you’ll be fine.

Your wedding timeline is also personal and will be determined by your plan for your celebration. It’ll be affected by your vendors, families, and other details. There is, however, a general template that you could use to guide you, and that’s what we’ll be discussing. So, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and let’s talk about how to create your wedding timeline.

Start with Confirmed Details

The details that are set in stone about your wedding day are usually where to start when it comes to your timeline. Some of those could be your ceremony start time, your reception start time, and their finish times too. Some couples also include the set-up time for their vendors to make things easier. Having this starting framework is vital and will help determine how the rest of your day will go.

Fill in The Blanks

After writing down the details above, it’s time to do what we’ll call filling in the blanks. Here, you have to think of the activities that will take place on your wedding day and write them down. You can either start from when you wake up to the last song at your reception or go backward from your reception. Just make sure you fill in every activity that will take place throughout the day.

Don’t Forget Your Vendors

Since many of the activities on your wedding timeline will have to do with your vendors, make sure to communicate with them. They’ll need to do their part and do so on time. Include the relevant schedules for your suppliers and ask them what works for them too. Also, try to get information like how long it takes for them to set up, pack up, and handle other details.

Add Further Details and Notes

With the above steps done, your wedding timeline should be looking a bit arranged. It is now time to include notes where necessary. These notes will help you clarify what each activity is and who is involved with it. You can also include things like the items they’ll be responsible for and what they’ll bring. Don’t forget to add their details too so you can easily contact them if you need to.

Share It with Key People

One thing you’ll need to do on your wedding day is delegate. That’s what your wedding party is there for, and they’ll be glad to help. Name two or three people as your point persons on that day, and make sure they have copies of your wedding timeline.

Your vendors and venue staff can also get copies of your wedding timeline if you think it’s necessary. That way, they can all have a reference to what is happening and when. Doing this will also give them a chance to analyze your day and see how best their service will fit into your schedule. Just remember to inform everyone if there are any last-minute changes with your timeline.

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