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Why Gifting Bridesmaids Is a Sweet Tradition

Your bridesmaids have been your rock throughout the wedding planning rollercoaster. They’ve listened to your worries, wiped away your tears, and kept you grounded when the stress felt overwhelming. These special ladies deserve all the love and appreciation you can give them. Gifting your bridesmaids is a heartwarming tradition that shows how much you value their friendship and support. A thoughtful present is a tangible way to say “thank you” for being by your side every step of the way.

Personalized Touches: Making Each Gift Unique

While buying identical gifts for your bridesmaids is certainly convenient, adding a personal touch to each one makes the gesture extra special. Think about the unique traits and interests of each bridesmaid – then choose a gift that reflects their individuality. A monogrammed robe or an engraved jewelry box with their initials goes a long way in making them feel cherished. You could even include a heartfelt note expressing how much their presence in your life means to you. These small, customized details turn an ordinary gift into a keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

Lush Spa Baskets: A Relaxing Retreat

Let’s be real, weddings can be downright stressful for everyone involved – especially your bridesmaids who’ve been running around to make sure everything goes smoothly. After the whirlwind of the big day, they deserve to relax and recharge. Pamper your girls with luxurious spa baskets filled with indulgent goodies like fragrant bath bombs, hydrating face masks, scented candles, and lush body lotions. These calming self-care treats will transport them to a blissful oasis where they can unwind and bask in some much-needed “me time.”

Makeup and Skincare Indulgences

Every girl loves feeling glamorous, and your bridesmaids are no exception. Treat them to high-end makeup palettes loaded with dreamy eyeshadows, velvety lipsticks, and radiant highlighters. You could even splurge on luxury skincare sets featuring serums, creams, and masks that’ll leave their complexions glowing. For an extra pampering experience, gift them with a makeup artist session where they can get dolled up and try out new looks. It’s the perfect opportunity for some girl time and bonding before your big day.

Subscription Boxes: Monthly Surprises

Who doesn’t love receiving surprise packages in the mail? Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving all year long. From beauty boxes loaded with cult-favorite makeup and skincare products to book clubs delivering the latest must-read novels, there’s a subscription service for every interest. Take some time to curate options tailored specifically to each bridesmaid’s passions – the personalized touch will make them feel extra special. Every month, they’ll be delighted by a new box filled with goodies handpicked just for them.

Memberships and Experiences

For the ultimate gift that creates lasting memories, treat your bridesmaids to an annual membership or experience. Local museums, art galleries, and botanical gardens offer annual passes that’ll let them explore exhibits and events all year round. You could also gift them with a membership to a wine club, granting them access to exclusive tastings and vintner-led tours. Or go all out with cooking, painting, or dance class series – new skills and adventures await! Experiences make for unforgettable gifts they’ll cherish forever.

Stylish Totes and Weekenders

Every girl needs a chic, spacious tote to carry all her essentials in style. Gift your bridesmaids with trendy carryalls they can use for work, travel, or everyday life. Look for designs with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep them organized on-the-go. You could take it up a notch by having their new totes monogrammed with their initials for an extra personal touch. For your jet-setting ‘maids, a stylish weekender bag makes the perfect present – it’s both fashionable and functional for all their upcoming adventures.

Cozy Robes and Slippers

Getting ready for your wedding day should be a relaxing, pampering experience for your bridesmaids. Make sure they can lounge in ultimate comfort with plush robes and soft slippers. Look for robes made of sumptuous materials like velour or silk that’ll make them feel like they’re being hugged by a cloud. Pair them with ultra-plush slippers to create a cozy at-home spa vibe as they primp and prep. You could even have the robes monogrammed for an extra luxe touch. These gifts are sure to make your girls feel like royalty on your special day!

Chic Glassware and Barware Sets

For the bridesmaids who love hosting soirees and cocktail nights, gift them with stylish glassware and barware that’ll elevate their home entertaining game. Look for trendy coupes, stemless wine glasses, or Mason jar mugs – whatever fits their unique hosting style. You could create a whole set by including sleek coasters, a polished cocktail shaker, and chic beverage napkins. If they’re more of a wine enthusiast, treat them to an elegant decanter and aerator set. These chic pieces will make them feel like a master mixologist crafting artisanal drinks for their guests.

Customized Throw Pillows and Blankets

For a personal touch they can enjoy daily, create customized throw pillows or cozy blankets for your bridesmaids’ homes. Have their monograms embroidered on plush pillows or knit blankets for a polished look. Or get creative with inside jokes or meaningful quotes stitched onto the fabric – every time they curl up on the couch, they’ll smile remembering your special friendship. You could even design pillows with photos of your cherished memories together printed right on them. These heartfelt home accents will make their living spaces feel extra warm and inviting.

Framed Photos and Memories

What better way to preserve the wonderful moments you’ve shared with your bridesmaids than through photos? Create custom photo books or frames featuring your favorite snapshots together over the years. From silly selfies to cherished group photos, these visual memoirs will instantly transport them down memory lane. You could even include heartfelt captions next to each image, reminiscing on the laughter and fun times you experienced in that moment. Whenever they glance at these framed memories, they’ll be reminded of your strong bond and all the adventures you’ve been on together.

Best Bridesmaids Gifts Customized Watercolor Portraits

Personalized Watercolor Bestfriends Portrait from Photo

Engraved Jewelry with Meaning

For a delicate, personal keepsake, gift your bridesmaids with dainty necklaces, bracelets, or rings engraved with a special message. It could be as simple as your wedding date to commemorate their important role or a sweet inside joke only you two understand. You could even have their initials and yours engraved together as a symbol of your lasting friendship. These engraved jewels will serve as a constant reminder of how much your bond means to you both. Every time they wear or glance at their personalized piece, they’ll be flooded with warm memories of your special day.

Cute Spaced Letters Gold Necklace

Cute Spaced Letters Sterling Silver Necklace

Sassy and Playful Accessories

Let your bridesmaids’ fun, sassy personalities shine through with cheeky, playful accessories! Look for tote bags emblazoned with cheeky sayings or adorned with ironic designs. Enamel pins featuring witty phrases or quirky graphics also make for cute keepsakes they can rock on jackets or bags. These playful accessories remind them not to take life too seriously and to always keep their sense of humor intact – just like you love about them! They’re sure to get plenty of laughs and double-takes whenever they sport these spirited pieces.

Novelty Gifts They’ll Love

For the bridesmaid who loves all things silly and out-of-the-ordinary, surprise her with a novelty gift that’ll tickle her funny bone. An adult coloring book filled with snarky, irreverent designs is the perfect way for her to de-stress after the wedding madness. Or look for punny mugs and eccentric desk accessories that channel her distinctive sense of humor. You could even hunt down a wacky board game or conversation-starting coffee table book guaranteed to make her laugh out loud. These quirky, unconventional presents allow her unique personality to shine bright. She’ll get a kick out of your thoughtfulness in finding such a perfectly “her” gift.

Luxe Serveware and Entertaining Essentials

If your bridesmaids love hosting elegant soirees and dinner parties, elevate their entertaining game with luxurious serveware and hosting essentials. Look for chic serving trays, sleek flatware sets, and polished dinnerware in gorgeous colors or metallic finishes. You could create a whole curated collection by including linen napkins, sculptural candleholders, and a stylish beverage tub. For the ultimate hostess gift, splurge on a trendy cheese board set complete with chic knives and serving utensils. With these high-end pieces, they’ll serve meals and cocktails in utmost sophistication.

Gourmet Food and Drink Baskets

For bridesmaids who take their hostess duties seriously, gourmet food and drink baskets make for the perfect indulgent gift. Load it up with an array of artisanal goodies like small-batch jams, flavored olive oils, gourmet crackers, and rich nut mixes. You could even include a sampling of fine wines or craft beers for their next cocktail party. Look for baskets with dividers to keep each treat compartmentalized for a beautiful presentation. These epicurean delights are sure to impress their guests while allowing them to savor the finer things in life.

Smart Home Assistants and Devices

For your bridesmaids who love staying on the cutting edge of technology, gift them with the latest smart home gadgets and devices. Voice-activated assistants like Alexa or Google Home let them control their homes with simple voice commands. They can play music, set timers, create to-do lists, and more – all hands-free! You could also surprise them with sleek wireless chargers for their phones and tablets or even a modern speaker system that syncs seamlessly with their smart devices. With these cutting-edge tech gifts, their homes will feel like the houses of the future.

Portable Power Banks and Wireless Chargers

In today’s constantly connected world, keeping our devices powered up is crucial – and your bridesmaids are no exception. Ensure they never run out of juice with portable power banks and wireless chargers that’ll keep their gadgets charged on-the-go. Look for compact yet high-capacity power banks that can easily slip into a purse or bag. For even more convenience, gift them with wireless charging pads that allow for fuss-free, cable-free charging at home or in the office. These practical tech accessories will be lifesavers whenever their phones are running low on battery.

Stylish Workout Gear and Accessories

For the athletic bridesmaids who live in their activewear, gift them with stylish new workout gear and fitness accessories they’ll be excited to sweat in. Look for sleek leggings, strappy sports bras, and breathable tops in trendy colors and designs from popular athletic brands. You could even hunt down a chic new yoga mat featuring artistic patterns or mandalas to elevate their practice. A fitness tracker also makes for a great gift, allowing them to monitor their steps, heart rate, and progress towards their goals. With these fashionable yet functional pieces, they’ll feel motivated to crush their workouts in style.

Wellness Subscriptions and Memberships

To really treat your health-conscious bridesmaids, gift them with wellness subscriptions or memberships tailored to their active lifestyles. For the snack-loving ones, look into monthly subscription boxes filled with nutritionist-approved, protein-packed treats and energy bites. You could also splurge on an annual membership to their favorite yoga studio, cycling gym, or local rec center so they can get their sweat on all year long. Go the extra mile by gifting them with online workout subscriptions or apps that provide streaming fitness classes they can do from home. These gifts promote overall wellbeing while encouraging them to prioritize self-care.

Best Bridesmaid Gifts FAQs

How much should you spend on bridesmaid gifts?

It varies, but many spend between $25 to $75 per bridesmaid. It’s the thought and appreciation that count the most.

Who pays for bridesmaid gifts?

The bride typically pays for the bridesmaid gifts as a thank you for their support and participation in the wedding.

What do bridesmaids give for a wedding gift?

Bridesmaids often give a personal gift to the couple, either individually or as a group. It can be something from the registry or a thoughtful, unique present.

Do bridesmaids get presents?

Yes, bridesmaids usually receive gifts from the bride as a token of appreciation for their involvement in the wedding.

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